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Zelda Inspired

Zelda InspiredThis, like Final Fantasy Inspired has been an on-going album since 2004. The Legend of Zelda is likely my favorite video game series. I've always been fascinated by Koji Kondo's music; Star Fox 64, for example, had a great soundtrack. I think, however that I have loved the Zelda soundtracks better than the soundtracks of every other Nintendo franchise. This "album" does not have an official name. Along with my many Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy covers and arrangements, I have created a wide variety of VGM remixes. You can find them all on my Youtube channel, and you can also find them on my Game Remixes page.

The player below has every Legend of Zelda cover I've ever recorded.

Kee as a Deku ScrubI've embedded some of my best Legend of Zelda remixes below. Please, check them out! I hope you will enjoy them!

Majora's Mask Epic Orchestral Medley: I started doing huge, grand medleys in 2013, but I REALLY got into it in 2015, when I was able to get my hands on some better tech! I consider this MM medley to be some of my best work, as it tells a story through music.

"Requiem of Shadows ~ Nocturne of Spirits" OoT Nocturne of Shadow/Requiem of Spirit Cover: A medley of the Shadow and Spirit warp songs from OoT!

Oracle of Ages "Nayru's Lyric" Celtic Vocal Remix: This one is sort of closer to being an original piece, since the source material was so short and simplistic.

Wind Waker Epic Orchestral Medley: I've got tons more medleys like this on my YouTube, in case you're interested!



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Final Fantasy Inspired

Final Fantasy Inspired

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