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The Strange Journey 

The Strange JourneyThe main inspirations for this game were Folklore and Chrono Cross.  This soundtrack follows a hero who has ventured through unknown dimensions in order to reach "Limbo" where he must follow the voices of lost souls who are in need of a hero to ease their suffering.  He travels through four tiny kingdoms, solving the bizarre problems of very eccentric kings, queens, princes, knights, princesses, priests and wizards.  His mission is to redeam himself after an unknown, terrible deed in his past.  The songs are meant to convey the aestheics of the various landscapes, dungeons and towns he travels through, as well as the numerous personalities of everyone he meets.  The RPG soundtrack is comprised mainly of area music, but it also contains several "event" tracks played during dialog and cutscenes.  The game had 89 songs, but some of them have been recycled into other projects, since the game was never released to anyone but my friends.  The tracks are not in any official order.

Tracklist (in alphabetical order- there is no official order):

  • A Close Call
  • A Game of Riddles
  • A Happy Village
  • A Haze of Roses
  • A New Crisis
  • An Old Gypsy's Tale
  • Angels and Shadows
  • Berry Princess
  • Boss Battle
  • Celestia
  • Corrupted Souls
  • Crystal
  • Exploring the Wasteland
  • Explorative Nature
  • Faerie
  • Festival at Moonyshore
  • Forest Dungeon
  • Forest Reverie
  • Forest Waltz
  • Friendly Associations
  • Game Over
  • Glass Butterfly
  • Hailstone Bleeding Heart
  • Heavenly Place
  • Kronos
  • Lamentable Tale
  • Lost Brooke
  • Meadow Village
  • Mischief
  • Moonlit Woods
  • Moonyshore City
  • Palace in the Forest
  • Piano Minuet
  • Plains of Solace
  • Queen Luna's Theme
  • Red Haze
  • Romany Band
  • Sadness
  • Shadows Dance in the Foyer
  • Sisters
  • SNOW!
  • String Minuet
  • Tainted Blues and Silver
  • The Crab Bolero
  • The Gate
  • The Palace of the Moon
  • The Palace of the Sun
  • The Peach Tree and the Olive Branch
  • The Softness Leaves the Land
  • The Strange Journey
  • The Unveiled Truth
  • Theme of Marcos
  • This is the End
  • Troublesome Goblins
  • Unseely Court
  • Venus Pyramid
  • Water Shrine
  • Waterfalls
  • Wild Vetch Road
  • World of Chaos 

You can listen to the songs in the player below:


Flower Waltzes (Nature)

Flower Waltzes


Final Fantasy Inspired

The Strange Journey


The Zodiac


Spirit Passage

The Seasons

The Secret Shrine


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