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I am working on musical projects at all times. Many of them will be posted to this site, finished and unfinished. The list below includes many of the things I've completed.

Kee Celebrating With FlowersFlower Waltzes: This might be the largest musical project I've completed. The suite contains 65 original, full orchestral compositions, broken into 4 main albums, and one special album, which contains all 64 songs with added depth and content, as well as nature sounds, and one bonus "finale" track. It is a very harmonious, peaceful, dreamy and light-hearted album, perfect for de-stressing, sleeping, meditating, inspiring and uplifting. Visit my Flower Waltzes page for more info. Here are three samples of it:

Ivy Waltz: One of the waltzes from "Side 2" of my Flower Waltzes suite. This is one of the more popular ones, and also one of my personal favorites.

Waltz of Sunflowers (Nature): One of the tracks on my Flower Waltzes (Nature) album with added binaural beats and soothing nature sounds.

Finale Piece: This was the final composition in the suite. Where most of the songs are themes for individual plants, this composition is a celebration of nature as a whole. It is meant to sound like a "heaven on Earth" and it uses many Asian, Celtic and European instruments as well as binaural beats and nature sounds.

Kee TravellingOriginal Game Music: My favorite pastime is writing video game soundtracks.  Especially for RPGs!  Below is a list of Completed VGM albums.

The Strange JourneyThe Strange Journey is an RPG I made for my friends.  The soundtrack is whimsical, ambiant, tuneful and playful. I used a lot of electronic instruments in this soundtrack.



The Secret ShrineThe Secret Shrine is a personal project.  It's a turn based RPG with a long 40 + hour story.  The soundtrack is complete but the game is not.

Game Remixes: Rebecca Tripp loves to create covers of video game music. I compose them all from scratch (by ear) using midi programs and special plugins. Technically, they are not "remixed" since I'm not sampling the original so much as arranging it in my own style- which is often orchestral with the addition of various electronic and world instruments. For more details, visit my Game Remixes page. Here are some samples in the meantime:

The Song of Storms Orchestral Remix: This is the Windmill theme from Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time.

Chrono Cross Shadow Forest African/Celtic Fusion: My very elaborate cover of "Forest of Cutting Shadows" from Chrono Cross.

Kee Playing the FluteOrchestral/Classical Music: A large portion of my work is inspired by or emulating the format of classical music.  This is especially true of the romantic period.  Most of my "orchestral" music is very melodic and atmospheric.

The ZodiacThe Zodiac Suite was composed in 2005.  It was inspired by the Greek Zodiac.  I tried to capture the personality of each sign.



The Seasons

The Seasons is an 8 track album.  Each song is meant to capture the qualities of the seasons, as well as the transitions between them.

Electronica Music: My electronica music is usually pretty relaxed and ambient, although it is also somewhat dissonant.  It is atmospheric and dream-like.  Below is a list of completed Electronica albums.

DreamscapeDreamscape is something I composed when I was 18.  It's quite trippy, but it's also soothing and relaxing.  The album is unique and inspired.



MultiverseMultiverse is about altered states of consciousness. I've tried to create an organic feeling therein; a union between natural and industrial sounds.



AlienAlien was inspired by Radiohead, Silent Hill and Metroid.  The sound is reminiscent of old video games.

Kee Playing HarpNew Age Music: I say new age loosely as I would electronica or classical.  These are my most peaceful, relaxing and spiritually imbued compositions.  These albums contain many songs that celebrate nature and love, and they contain more live instruments and natural voices than any other genre I've explored.

Spirit PassageSpirit Passage is an ambient, gentle, experimental album.  It incorperates vocals as ambiant instruments its theme is primarily spiritual. 

Kee with Red Mage Relic ArmorFinal Fantasy Stuff: A very large portion of my work is inspired by Final Fantasy. I have many, many FF OST covers, as well as a variety of songs which I have composed in the style of Nobuo Uematsu and Hitoshi Sakitmoto. Visit my Final Fantasy Inspired page for more details. Below are some examples of Rebecca Tripp compositions that were inspired by Final Fantasy:

Final Fantasy Forest Music Medley: I combined Uematsu's forest themes from 5, 6, 7 and 9, using Sakimoto's Eruyt Village from FF12 as a basis.

Awaken: A soothing, mysterious take on "Awakening" from Final Fantasy 6.

Kee as Chief of OpsStar Trek Stuff: As a big fan of the Star Trek series, I took it upon myself to create an original "opening theme" for Deep Space Nine. I tried to capture the aesthetic of the first four main themes. I've also created a complilation of my favorite funny moments from the first four series. You can play them in the players below.

Alternate Star Trek Deep Space Nine Theme: Again, this is an original composition in the style of Alexander Courage, Jerry Goldsmith and Dennis McCarthy's Trek themes.

Funny Trek Compilation: Moments from the original series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager.

Chip Tunes: Although this is not my focus, I do enjoy creating chip tunes very occasionally. I have two to show you at this time, one original and one Skyrim one. You can hear them in these players:

Beautiful Energy: This is an original composition; it's meant to sound reminiscent of 80's and early 90's video game music.

From Past to Present: A retro chiptune rendition of my favorite track from Skyrim. It was an interesting challenge to sum up over one hundred instrumentals within the 3 tracks the NES sound engine provided.

Older Work: This collection is comprised of my "older work" from about 2000-2003.  It consists of many of the completed songs I've written in my childhood and youth.  They're inspired by video game music like most of my work.  They were all composed and recorded on my keyboards and a few of them have small mistakes in them.  I've recycled a few of the tracks into other albums.  I'm likely going to continue rewriting the songs as well.  This collection is not downloadable because it is not an official album; I do intend, however, to take most of these compositions and turn them into full symphonies and soundtracks.  They are some of my most popular pieces. You can listen to them in the player below.

  1. A Walk in Paradise
  2. Childhood
  3. Dark Waltz
  4. Earth and Air
  5. Earth Waltz
  6. Elven Corridors
  7. Endless Sands
  8. Energy
  9. Fire Waltz
  10. Flying Magic
  11. Glass Halls and Moonlit Sand
  12. Oasis
  13. Of the Moon
  14. Of the Sea
  15. The Autumn and the Spring
  16. The Black City
  17. The Canopea
  18. The Magick Wood
  19. The Parrot and the Peacock
  20. Weary of Travel
  21. Wrapped in Mystery

You can listen to the songs in the player below:



Flower Waltzes (Nature)

Flower Waltzes


Final Fantasy Inspired

The Strange Journey


The Zodiac


Spirit Passage

The Seasons

The Secret Shrine


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