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Game Remixes

Kee with Red Mage Relic ArmorI have created cover songs of music from several genres, but the volume of covers I've worked on from the VGM genre trumps them all several times over. I've composed nearly ten times as many originals as I have covers- but I do have many, many video game remixes. Most of these (if the sprite didn't make it obvious) are Final Fantasy remixes! I've given my FF tunes their own album page for this reason. I've also given my Zelda arrangements their own album page . My Youtube channel hosts all the remixes I've completed. You can listen to a playlist of all of them in the player below.

Kee Playing HarpAs you can probably see, I have been quite busy! I compose remixes almost every week because it is simply so much fun to do!

The players below show each of the series from which I've remixed songs:

The Legend of Zelda Series: I've created epic, classical, Celtic, vocal and new age arrangements for virtually every Zelda title in the series. Many more will come! For more info on my Zelda arrangements, visit my Zelda Inspired page.

Final Fantasy Series: It's no secret that I adore Uematsu, Sakimoto and every single other composer who worked on the blessed Final Fantasy soundtracks. For more info on my FF arrangements, visit my Final Fantasy Inspired page.

Chrono Series: Although I haven't composed as many Chrono series arrangements as I have Zelda and Final Fantasy, technically speaking, I believe the Chrono Trigger soundtrack to be better than many of the Zelda/FF soundtracks. Also, the Chrono Cross OST is my all-time favorite to this day.

Mana Series: Simply put, the Mana series had some of the best music of all time! It's always a delight making covers from that series.

Elder Scrolls Series: There probably won't be anything in here besides Oblivion and Skyrim for a long while, but I consider Jeremy Soule to be top tier of top tier composers.

Donkey Kong Series: Some of my favorite music ever since childhood!

Metroid Series: Where my work is concerned, the influence of the Metroid series and its array of eerily beautiful soundtracks was extremely prominent.


Flower Waltzes (Nature)

Flower Waltzes


Final Fantasy Inspired

The Strange Journey


The Zodiac


Spirit Passage

The Seasons

The Secret Shrine


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