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Flower Waltzes

Kee Celebrating With Flowers"Flower Waltzes" is a suite of waltzes. It consists of 4 separate sets of 16 songs, and an aditional album, "Flower Waltzes (Nature)", featuring all 64 tracks with added content. I was so inspired by Tchaicovsky's "Waltz of the Flowers" that for years and years, I daydreamed about hearing a full suite of flower waltzes. Eventually, I realized that I would need to write these waltzes myself in order to hear them.  I attempted to capture the aesthetics of many individual types of flowers, as well as gardens and groups of flowers through music. The albums use the full orchestra as well as a wide variety of ethnic instruments from Europe, Asia, South America and the Middle East. I consider this to be one of my best projects overall, and it is certainly my favorite. There are other compositions that influenced this projects such as Delibe's "Flower Duet" and Holst's "Venus". The songs have been described as enchanting, faerie-like, calming, relaxing, ethereal, innocent and sweet.

Flower WaltzesFlower Waltzes (Side 1) is the first set in the suite. It is likely the most "traditionally" classical in its aesthetic. This, I think, is the foundation of the suite, containing the blueprint of the first wave of inspiration.



Flower Waltzes (Side 2)Flower Waltzes (Side 2) was an organic evolution of its predecessor. I obtained samples of Asian, Hawaiian, Celtic and Indian instruments and added them to the roster of Viennese orchestral samples for this one.



Flower Waltzes (Side 3)

Flower Waltzes (Side 3) is likely the most ethereal, fey and mysterious overall. I introduced yet more exotic instruments, while striving to maintain the heart and soul of the traditional watzer.



Flower Waltzes (Side 4)Flower Waltzes (Side 4) is what I would consider to be the most technically skilled set overall. I feel that this set is the final iteration of the initial daydream from which the flower suite manifested.



Flower Waltzes (Nature)Flower Waltzes (Nature) , I feel, is the most inspired of all my albums. In this suite, I have managed to express my joy in full. It is the most uplifting, harmonious and peaceful of all my albums to date.


Flower Waltzes (Nature)

Flower Waltzes


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