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Flower Waltzes (Nature) 

Dreamscape"Flower Waltzes" was probably the one project into which I have poured the most love and joy. I originally intended to compose only 16 songs but, just as soon as those waltzes were completed, I was hit with a massive tidal wave of creativity and inspiration. I knew then that there were not 16, but 64 waltzes in my suite, and that the other 48 had been waiting patiently in the back of my mind to be composed all along. To gather inspiration for the suite, I browsed the works of thousands of prolific artists who painted flowers in many different styles; but even after I had composed all 64, my work was still not complete. I created this single album, "Flower Waltzes (Nature)", containing extended versions of all 64 melodies combined with ambient sounds of nature, wind chimes and animals along with calming and uplifting binaural beats . The single purpose of this album was to create something that would evoke love, joy, peace, and harmony within all its listeners. Once I was done composing every tune, every melody, harmony, rhythm, intro and outro, I created exhibitions, featuring the colorful artwork of all the wonderful artists who inspired it. You can see the works of all of these artists on the player at the bottom of this page. This was a lengthy endeavor and, due to a 3 month + injury in January, the enitre project (all parts of it included) took me a little over a year to complete.

Tracklist (in alphabetical order- there is no official order):

  1. Asters and Chrysanthemums
  2. Bellflowers
  3. Bird of Paradise
  4. Bleeding Hearts and Trilliums
  5. Bluebells
  6. Briar Rose
  7. Buttercups and Daisies
  8. Cactus Flowers
  9. Carnations
  10. Carnivorous Plants
  11. Clematis
  12. Crocus
  13. Daffodils
  14. Dahlias
  15. Dandelions
  16. Delphiniums, Gladiolus and Hollyhocks
  17. Forgetmenots
  18. Foxgloves
  19. Frangipani (Plumeria)
  20. Freesias
  21. Fuschias
  22. Garden
  23. Geraniums
  24. Hedgerows
  25. Herb Garden
  26. Hibiscus
  27. Honeysuckle
  28. Hyacinths
  29. Hydrangeas
  30. Iris
  31. Ivy
  32. Jasmine
  33. Lavender
  34. Lilacs
  35. Lilies
  36. Lily of the Valley
  37. Lotus
  38. Marigolds
  39. Morning Glory
  40. Nasturtiums
  41. Night Garden
  42. Orchids
  43. Pansies
  44. Passionflowers
  45. Peonies
  46. Periwinkles (Vincas)
  47. Petunias
  48. Poinsettias
  49. Poppies
  50. Rhododendrons and Azaleas
  51. Roses
  52. Salvia
  53. Snowdrops
  54. Strawberry Blossoms
  55. Sunflowers
  56. Sweetpeas
  57. Thistles
  58. Tree Blossoms
  59. Trumpetflowers
  60. Tulips
  61. Violets
  62. Waterlilies
  63. Wildflowers
  64. Wisteria

Click here to see a complete list of the artists I worked with on this project!

 This Sprite is from The Strange Journey, by the way.<If you wish to download this album, click here !>


Flower Waltzes (Nature)

Flower Waltzes


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The Strange Journey


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