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Final Fantasy Inspired

Final Fantasy InspiredThis, like Zelda Inspired has been an on-going album since 2004. I started learning to play Final Fantasy songs on my instruments when I was 12, and I eventually started to write remixes (usually but not always orchestral) on the computer, which I later recorded and turned into YouTube videos. I've lost count of all the video game remixes that I've composed. They did not all make it onto the internet, but some of them may be revisited later. I am still adding to this ever-growing album (which doesn't have an official name) and I may never stop! I also have a lot of remixes from other video games, most notably Zelda and Chrono Trigger, if you're interested. You can find them all on my Youtube channel, and you can also find them on my Game Remixes page.

The player below has every Final Fantasy cover I've ever created.

Kee with Red Mage Relic ArmorI've embedded some of my favorite remixes below. Please, check them out! I hope you enjoy them!

Final Fantasy 6 Epic Orchestral Medley: An long, fluent arrangement with 22 epic FF6 movements.

Vincent's Longing: A brooding, passionate concerto of Vincent Valentine's theme from FF7.

The Crown Jewels of Troia: A graceful classical rendition of Troian Beauty from FF4.

Awakening the Evil Fores: A dark, mysterious, ethereal orchestral arrangement of Evil Forest from FF9.

Final Fantasy 8 "Compression of Time" Orchestral Remix: A soft, lilting take on the FF8 song.

Dream of Salikawood FF12 Orchestral Remix: This one is representative of my preferred style.

Final Fantasy 5 Epic Orchestral Medley: Another 20 minute trip into the world of Final Fantasy. I consider this to be my best FF medley so far.

"Boundless Ocean Voyage" Final Fantasy 3 Orchestral Remix: A lilting Celtic/classical hybrid, again, typical of my preferred style!



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Final Fantasy Inspired

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