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Electronica is a vast genre.  Mine is usually pretty relaxed, ambient and sometimes dissonant.  But there is generally always a melody there.  I like to incorperate nature sounds, tones and white noise into my work.  Below is a list of completed and ongoing Electronica albums.

DreamscapeDreamscape, I wrote when I was 18.  It's quite trippy, but it's also soothing and relaxing.  The album is unique and inspired.  Here's a sample:



MultiverseMultiverse is about altered states of consciousness.  It's stark, manufactured and textured, but I've created an organic feeling therein.  Here's a sample:



AlienAlien was inspired by Radiohead, Silent Hill and Metroid.  The sound is reminiscent of old video games.  Here's a sample:




Flower Waltzes (Nature)

Flower Waltzes


Final Fantasy Inspired

The Strange Journey


The Zodiac


Spirit Passage

The Seasons

The Secret Shrine


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